Raised Round Bar Stool & Side Chair Seat Covers

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Product image 2Raised Round Bar Stool & Side Chair Seat Covers
Product image 3Raised Round Bar Stool & Side Chair Seat Covers

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To reupholster your bar stools and side chair seats, you can order seat covers from McGovern Upholstery to reupholster your bar stools and side chair seats. Here are a few tips as you plan to do it yourself:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why reupholster bar stool and side chair seats? 
It is less expensive to do it yourself. You receive high quality, restaurant-grade material from McGovern Upholstery. They last longer! Restaurant managers sometimes pull ripped bar stools and side chairs from the floor, creating a shortage for customers. When you DIY, you get chairs back into service NOW.

What tools will I need to recover my side chairs and bar stools seats?
You will need a staple gun, scissors, drill or screw driver and utility knife.

What should I do if the cover is badly ripped?
You MUST remover the ripped cover first. Turn chair pad upside down. With utility knife, carefully cut the cover off. Use your other hand to hold the seat pad, keeping your hand out the path of the knife.

What do you suggest if I have multiple chairs or bar stools seats to recover to ensure a more secure fit?
It is suggested that as you remove the chair pads from the frame, number or letter each matching pad and frame. When it is time to install the pads to the stools or side chairs, DO NOT replace the matching pad to the matching frame. Mix the frames and pads. This will ensure a more secure fit when screwing the pad to the new frame!

What to do if the screws are loose when reinstalling the reupholstered chair pad to the frame? 
Put toothpicks into the screw holes, so the screws will be a tighter fit. You may need longer screws when reinstalling because of the thicker upholstery material on the pad.

How do I make my area director, CEO and my customers happy? 
Order replacement seat covers from McGovern Upholstery! Customers do not like to sit on ripped seats. Customers have complained about ripped seats to corporate managers.

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