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To reupholster your restaurant booth seat, you can order booth seat covers from McGovern Upholstery. Here are a few tips as you plan to do it yourself:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why reupholster booth seats myself? 
It is less expensive to do it yourself. You will receive high quality, restaurant-grade material from McGovern Upholstery. Customers do not like to sit on ripped restaurant booth seats. It is more sanitary. Food can become lodged in ripped booth seats.

What tools will I need to recover my booth seat with a new cover?
You will need a staple gun, scissors, and utility knife.

Should I leave the old cover on when I recover a restaurant booth seat?
NEVER. By leaving the old cover on, you will reduce the life of the new booth seat cover. The impression of the rip will show through and lessen the integrity of the new cover. The new cover will breakdown faster if you leave the old cover on underneath.

How do I make the booth seat cover last longer?
Clean booth seats with only soap and water. Do not clean with any products that have alcohol or any harsh chemical cleaners. These chemicals will cause the cover to dry out and crack more quickly. When cleaning under booth, rotate booth seat to the opposite booth seat frame. Most booth seats breakdown on the side of the seat that is first sat on. The other side of the booth seat is more gently used. Do this once per month and the booth seat will last longer.

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